I am the author of the wolpertinger project and it would be great to see this tool in backtrack.

The project is hosted on sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/wolpertinger

A good overview can be found in the 26C3 wiki: Wolpertinger - 26C3 Public Wiki

My talk at 26C3 can be found here (German): CCC-TV - Wolpertinger. Ein verteilter Portscanner.

- What is it?
+ The wolpertinger is a distributed portscanner. The master porgram (wolpertinger) can connect to sender and listener drones (wolperdrone) and scan large networks from many hosts. Of course a "single scan" mode is implemented, which forks the drones automaticaly if no drones are specified on the command line.

- Features
+ challenge response authentication between master and drones
+ sqlite3 database backend to store scan results and configuration settings
+ wolper-mcp.py - database manipulation tool with some cool features (like output of open ports and online hosts in an nmap compatible format to use script-scanning, version-scanning, etc.)
+ desaster recovery: if a drone is lost during the scan, the workunit of this drone is redistributed to the drones left
+ round robin loadbalancing: all sender drones get the same number of packets to send

Version 0.5 is quite stable and I use it for penetration testing since a year now.
Version 0.6 will be released in the next few weeks an will bring:
+ HPET support
+ -q switch: dont save scan in the database
+ statistics: all sender drones send packet statistics which will be correlated and presented by the master.

building is simple:
./configure && make && make install

+ sqlite3
+ libcrypto
+ libdnet
+ libpcap
+ uuid-dev

It would be great to see this tool in one of the next backtrack releases!