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Thread: globally readable security sensitive files on redhat EL

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    Default globally readable security sensitive files on redhat EL

    Hi all.

    I am doing a pentest and have found a vulnerability with a web application that allows the arbitrary reading of files that are readable by the web server account.

    I can get the /etc/passwd, /etc/snmp/snmp.conf/, /etc/hosts etc. I cannot get the /etc/shadow file as it is only readable by root.

    Are there any files in particular on RedHat Enterprise Linux (2.6.9-34 EL) that I should look for? Remember that they need to be globally readable by the web server! r--r--r--


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    Are you able to browse /etc or issue commands?

    If so you could dump the contents of /etc to a file and grab it then you'd have a list. (Do it recursively).

    Or can you use wild cards? ie: what happens if you try to retrieve /etc/rc1.d/S*

    How about /etc/sudoers or /etc/sudoers

    Some other things that might be of interest:

    I suggest looking up some RedHat hardening guides and see:
    1) What files/settings they alter.
    2) What directories/files they protect.
    and see if you can get to any of that information.

    Getting invisible files from the user's home directory might be fun too like .bash_history can you use $HOME/.bash_history or %24home/.bash_history etc.......

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