I made multiple consecutive posts because my post had yet to be approved by a moderator, and as I typically am not a member of forums that I browse for information, I'm not used to typical forum rules nor utilizing protocols that are anything but straightforward (as in, when I need to post, I simply post). I will adhere to that rule in the future, and apologize for the transgression. Also, I had already looked at the thread, and was browsing through it to get the information I needed. I appreciate the intent, though I can't help but feel as though condescention is less than conducive to encouraging one to undertake learning experiences.

I've upgraded my kernel at this point, but by default have received only minimal function as it failed to change the driver that was being utilized from the previous one (RT2500 I believe). I must admit, though, that the update was well worth it .

I will attempt to solve this problem myself, as I saw the appropriate drivers being downloaded as part of the upgrade process, and must assume that one will provide proper functionality.

I will post any findings.