After using my perfectly capable internal realtek card to access an ap, I've managed to log onto an internet connection by using the airodump-ng--aireplay-ng--aircrack trifecta.

My problem is, that in my endless effort to optimize my connections, I've come across no cut and dry answer or explanation regarding the use of my alfa awus036NH usb wifi card. It is, unarguably, the finest piece of tech I've used in my Windows 7 partition, but a method of proper installation seems to exist only on the fringes of virtual reality. Every link I've explored either connects to a downed server, or speaks with such technical bravado that I'm completely incapable of understanding what I'm to do, as while the bash prompt is the computer equivalent of a captain's wheel, I'm still rather new to the process altogether.

I would appreciate any response that includes: a verified, functional link to a tutorial that explains the proper installation of my device (the awus036nh on bt4) in terms comprehensible to those of a new linux user whose been somewhat studious; a confirmation or dismissal of the notion that the awus036nh is capable of monitor mode, packet injection, and client/managed mode; or a referral to some method by which I can eventually obtain the use of this device.

As the awus036nh is fairly reputable (or at least the awus036h is), I would hope that one might be able to sticky a thread that adheres to one of my aforementioned requests.