Hi folks

I'm from Guatemala city, firts it all great comunity and nice forum.

The reason of my thread is for asking if it's posible to any one or the forum in general to sharing for free the material (pdfs, videos, etc.) of the offensive security training courses, the reason for this it's because it's expensive in my country to paid for the courses, and belive me it's i know that make posible this courses and the training videos, labs, 're a big job, effort, and time spend, that traduces in money, i search all over the forum for the answer of my question but i don't find't, so i'm not new in the security scene i have more than 3 years of experience on IT, and IT Security, but in my country it's not some good paid for it, i'm always in the research of new knowledge, if some one or the mods can share me just the material i really very grateful, i have knowledge in astaro firewall gateways, zimbra mail, acronis backup and recovery, linux, rsa envision, and other things so i can make exchance material too, sorry mods if this thread it's not proper thanks!