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Thread: Some proxy scripts and other miscellania

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    Default Some proxy scripts and other miscellania

    Ah, since I am here I wanted to post a link to some old tool I made for proxy discovering. Repository - [dyts] Index of /
    You need installed:
    Twisted with python 2.5 Twisted and httplib2 - Project Hosting on Google Code
    I use my scripts in a reduced version of winxp.
    To use them:
    1.Register on a free dns site FreeDNS - Free DNS - Dynamic DNS - Static DNS subdomain and domain hosting and get a name for your computer.
    2.Put the name in simpleCheck/confing.ini instead of my server name.
    (The dns site may take a while to process your request)
    (Now it's time to get some proxys)
    3.have coded a small script to extract proxys run
    extract_proxy/ p
    extract_proxy/ t url_of_site pages_to_extract 0 0
    4.Run extract_proxy/
    5.Copy the input.txt near run
    6.Copy the contents of input.txt in sesiuni/ProxyWell.txt if there is something in ProxyWell delete everything.
    7.Run startWindows1.bat wait for it to finish. I haven't coded the threads to die once they reach a low number and after a time. I use tcpview from sysinternal suite Sysinternals Suite to watch them from time to time and see how many hang. If I kill the process when I consider it to do nothing. I am talking about the threads spawned by
    8.Run startWindows2.bat wait to finish. This will finish with no problem. startWindows3.bat.
    10.In sesiuni/ProxyPure.txt you have the good proxys under sesiuni/<today date> you have some extracted info about the proxys.

    If you want I can offer more information about the programs.

    More about the proxy tools.
    I have a asynchronous server which deems what proxys are good, does not send our ip over to the target, according to the asyncProxyTestServ/dictFile.txt. Also it extracts info accorting to the dict file.
    Let's say they send a X-FOWARDED-FOR but not with our ip. This has happened it seems there are networks of proxys. And other useful stuff. Also it provides console interaction to solve problem on the fly, assume we don't know of a parameter for the header, we can instruct the program how to treat that parameter.

    The spawns threads for every proxy, we have, to connect to our server.
    Some proxy do not want to connect to a simple ip, that's why we need to register to a dns server.

    After the simpleCheck finishes we run to be sure the proxy returns what it should return and not random page full of commercials.

    In conclusion my scripts extract only proxy which are secure and work.
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