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Thread: root@pentest on BT4

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    Default root@pentest on BT4

    how do i change the command line on BT4's Konsole window to Root@pentest, mine only says root@BT

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    Default Re: root@pentest on BT4

    Using your above words in google change command line 3 or 4th link down
    how to change command line prompt ? - Ubuntu Forums
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    Default Re: root@pentest on BT4

    thanks for the advice

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    Default Re: root@pentest on BT4


    "change hostname ubuntu"
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    Default Re: root@pentest on BT4

    I just did this yesterday, it's really easy.

    In the konsole either as su or with sudo enter "vim /etc/hostname" change the "BT" to "pentest" save the file and reboot.
    Let me know if i can help with anything else.
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