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Thread: Broadcom driver issues!

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    Default Broadcom driver issues!

    I'm having trouble installing a driver for my wifi card. how do i install it? it's a tar file that looks like a box with TGZ at the top what do i do with it?

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    Default Re: Broadcom driver issues!

    Not trying to be rude, but the question you are asking seems like a basic Linux question might try google, I'm sure you will find the answer. Hope this helps. To add to this broadcom is not very well supported in BT4, so you might find yourself at a dead end on this one.
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    Default Re: Broadcom driver issues!

    I have to admit that dromar421 is right.

    In order to learn Linux please don't use BackTrack. Not meant as an offense but you seem to lack the very basic Linux knowledge. Try to grab a Linux book or find a tutorial at first and go with a distribution like Ubuntu to make your first steps.

    It won't do you any good to try BT since it requires a lot of small command line stuff and so on.
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    Default Re: Broadcom driver issues!

    These are exactly the kinds of threads that we do not need here. These further clutter up the forums.

    OP we do not teach basic linux here. There are plenty of guides on that, the internet over.
    Please search.
    I would suggest you also see:

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