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Thread: JUst installed, couple questions

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    Question JUst installed, couple questions

    Hello everyone, I've played a little with Backtrack 3, but havn't been able to use backtrack 4 until now. I just installed and it looks and feel really nice except a couple quirks that I was wondering if you could help me out with.

    #1. In order to open wicd I have to enter "wicd start" in a console window. To fix this I tried adding the command to .bashrc, only I noticed that instead of just running the command once on start up it would run every time I opened a new console. Is there another file that will just run the command on start up, or how did you solve this problem?

    #2. if I logout and log back in again the gui becomes craptastic, ie: very bad screen resolution. Is there a way to stop that from happening?,
    #3. Why is the home file also the Desktop? I dislike having a cluttered desktop, so is there a way to change the location of the home file?

    #4. using two fingers on the touchpad to scroll is kind of jumpy, is there a way to smooth that out?

    apart from these the distro seems and feels quite beautiful, very excited to use it.
    I did some quick google searches for the above problems, but couldn't find any solutions, perhaps I searched the wrong keywords. Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated

    - Thank you
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    Default Re: JUst installed, couple questions

    Yeah, you should really really improve your GoogleFu.

    The issues you mentioned are basically all KDE related and quite easy to find on Google.

    So in the spirit of Backtrack and Offsec: Try Harder
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