I figured to post here even though I may not be a real nuub I think the solution may merit posting in this area (obviously haven't figure it out yet...):

I just finished doing an HD installation of BT now coupled with my previous winxp installation- two HDs, winxp on the first and BT on the second. I notice that after the install there seems to be a new listing for another hdb1 drive under Konqueror (so now have 2 of the same[is one of these listings my swap??]). Not a big deal and I can probably rectify after doing some reading--my problem is that when I try to access any of the storage devices listed under 'storage media' I get the following err::

Could not mount device.
The reported error was:
mount: /dev/hdb1 already mounted or / busy
mount: according to mtab, tmpfs is already mounted on /

This is the case when trying to enter any of the HD's including the hda. The floppy and cd drive can be entered through the same place so I am wondering what the scoop is with the err?? I am able to get into my hdb contents if I move up the tree and go through the root but not if I click on the actual hd's??? I have never encountered an err like this before and have done the exact same types of tasks under various other linux distros so I am a bit confused here?? I also notice that there are other smaller functions missing like being able to copy and paste under Konq like I have been able to under other distros.....why is this and how can I fixit??(ie. I was trying to copy a bunch of files fr floppy to home using the ctrl-clickin copy/paste method but could only copy,no paste listed....) am I limited to using console commands only and if so how and which other types of X restrictions do I have to look forward to finding?

Another problem I have noticed right away is the 'wireless assistant' does not allow me to connect- I have to use console methods instead which is fine but I would like to know why I cannot connect using the app? After connecting with console I can disconnect with the app but not re-connect...weird no? Are there some setting that I have missed or something?

Either way I am impressed with the distro thus far- haven't really delved much into its particulars yet but compared to the many other distros I have tried so far I am really happy with this one!! Each of these small issues have work-arounds so its not like I am stuck on these or anything, just little issues like these bother me so I like to resolve....so, thanks in advance for any helpz with this stuff,,