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    Lightbulb - FIX

    Quick-Fix for

    Tested on: BackTrack 4 final
    Verified that tool is doing it's job: yes

    1. Download Dependencies
    mkdir /usr/src/rtpinject && cd /usr/src/rdpinject
    tar xzvf RTPInject.Dependencies.tar.g
    cd RTPInject.Dependencies/libdnet-1.11/python
    2. Fix the Sourcecode of dnet.c for the built of libdnet with python
    in line 2729 change
    ((PyObject*)__pyx_v_next) = Py_None; Py_INCREF(((PyObject*)__pyx_v_next));
    (__pyx_v_next) = Py_None; Py_INCREF(((PyObject*)__pyx_v_next));
    and in line 2741 change
    ((PyObject *)__pyx_v_next) = __pyx_3;
    (__pyx_v_next) = __pyx_3;
    now install the libdnet with python-support
    cd .. # you should be in the /usr/src/rtpinject/libdnet-1.11 folder right now
    configure --with-python && make all && make install
    now you also need some gstreamer plugins so you are able to inject e.g. a wav-file which then is automaticially converted into rtp-conform speech-payload. if you want to skip this step you have to convert each file you want to inject by hand e.g. with sox. its easier to just make a .wav file with e.g. the windows-audio-recorder and inject it so i suggest you install the plugins
    apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-base gstreamer0.10-plugins-good
    thats it... now the tool should simply work if you call it from commandline via
    cd /pentest/voip/rtpinject/
    I tested it and here is a screenie of a successfull attack that i just performed to proof it works.

    Hope this will help some ppl and this will get a "cleaner" fix soon ^^
    Sometimes you have to restart the tool since the auto-convert function seems a little buggy *maybe because i removed some typecast*

    *thx to archangelamael for psychological support + motivation ;D*

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    Default Re: - FIX

    I have submitted this.
    S3M73X thanks for your help today.

    There is a post with more info on this bug however it is in German.
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