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Thread: (re)installing BT?

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    Default (re)installing BT?

    I had BT1 installed on hda4. hda2& hda3 are ntfs partitions used for windowsXP. hda1 is a pre-installed windows partition - rescue button on my laptop...

    i tried to follow guides to get bt installed on hdd but no success...

    it still loads the old lilo ......

    step by step
    1 i boot bt2 cd
    2 run the installer
    3 select hda4 and /dev/hda for mbr
    4 after finished, i reboot
    5 i get the old lilo and i can go into winblows but can't into bt. it says EBDA too big when trying to get into old "slax" (bt1)

    Please help!


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    leave the source field ( cdrom ) empty in the gui installer

    worked for me

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