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Thread: After dual boot installation

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    Default After dual boot installation

    this is my first post
    before everything i just wanted to say that this is a very good work i love backtrack 2 everything really congratulation thank you for your work

    I am a newbie and i just installed bt2 on dualboot with XP because my cd drive is verys low so the booting is slow compared to an installed version.

    but the problem is that Xp booting takes too much time now i know it sounds stupid but this i the only thing i changed ! i installed backtrack everythin is workin , i have partionned harddisk and my xp used to work faster !! this is weired so if anyone got any idea about this

    thank you for your help

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    Xp will increase or decrease the swap file based on the amount of free space and memory (RAM) in your system. Since you repartitioned the drive, you changed one of those. What you need to find out is how much space you have left on your C:\. If it's less then a couple of gigabytes, I would suggest removing some stuff. Maybe you have some downloads (like the backtrack .iso) or other files in your 'My Documents' folder which you can move to storage device such as a USB hard drive or burn to DVD/CD. Basically free up some space, defrag and XP should be back up to speed.

    The backtrack install routine doesn't do anything to the hardware to affect XP (other than the aforementioned repartition). Therefore, it couldn't have adjusted any XP settings.

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