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Thread: rtl8185 chipset problem?

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    Default rtl8185 chipset problem?

    I have a Belkin F5D7010 Ver7000 wireless card, it has the rtl8185 chipset in it, now after some reading up on this i understand bt4 will load in the rtl8180 drivers for this card and SHOULD both monitor and inject "out the box", well this card will monitor (no power shown, but i can live with that) but it just wont inject at all, i have tried using the rtl8185 drivers, no joy, iv downloaded the latest mac802 drivers and loaded them in, again no joy.

    Every time i look into info about this chipset it always comes up with that it should work out the box and shouldnt need anything else adding on, am i just being stupid or something?

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    Default Re: rtl8185 chipset problem?

    i dont now buddy i have the same chip and the card suport mon mode but not injection and i don't now why((((

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