once i have a meterperter shell open a vast majority of the scripts don't work.
here is what happens when I run
"upload /root/nc.exe

core_channel_open: Operation failed: 3

if I run
run gettelnet -e
I get ...
[*] Windows Telnet Server Enabler Meterpreter Script
[-] Error in script: ArgumentError wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)

hostsedit runs fine, but it does not redirect the hosts. (ie run hostsedit -e,Microsoft Corporation dosen't work, its still goes to mircosoft.com)
but I may have misunderstood the purpose of the this script.

running remotewinenum runns all the commands fine, but there is no log is empty.
( checked where it was saved to and confirmed the command line was correct)
same with wineum.
it can tell if its a VM, and if the UAC is on, but nothing else.

I've google these problems and found nothing of use.