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Thread: How do I convert the WEP to a usable key? - With attached .png

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    Question How do I convert the WEP to a usable key? - With attached .png

    Just to clear things up, I do realise that this is probably a noobish question, and for that I apologise. I have looked online for an answer, and have tried to sort it myself with my limited knowledge by using a hex-ascii converter with no luck.

    Basically, I have two networks to test, one at work and one at home. They both use WEP and the only difference between them that I am aware of is that my home network uses mac filtering. When I crack the work WEP It tells me 'Key Found! *Bunch of alpha-numeric numbers* *Password in text form*.

    But when I crack my home network I get no simple text password, what have I done wrong? (screenshot is as an attachment... I'm new to forums and unsure how to post a local file)stu2.png


    OK, So I was just being stupid. Not only did I figure out how to embed an image to my forum post, but I also managed to find out that the key (2F:4A:BLAH BLAH BLAH) can be used directly as a WEP password when the router prompts.

    So unless I am mistaken... I think we should all ignore this thread and pretend it never existed...
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