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Thread: Undetected interface

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    Talking Undetected interface

    Hello there and sorry for inconvenience but i'm still a noobie on backtrack and i need some help.
    I've searched before but can't find any answers, probably because it's just too obvsious, however, here is my prob :
    I run on BT4 finale live usb
    I got a Netgear WG311 pci card which is supposed to work "out of the box" as it's drivers are inclued with bt (HCL:Wireless -
    Wifi obv works pretty good on Windows with that card

    but the interface seems to not be detected by bt. When i airmon-ng there is 0 interface listed. But ifconfig tell me my mac addr for eth0 (and other stuff that i can't type as i'm on my phone) and other stuff bout lo. So I can't start it.

    Thanks a lot to everybody helping, if i've forgot to give informations thy are needed please tell me.

    And sorry 'bout English faults (m French )

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    Hi Eidar
    Have you tried apt-get update. You are right the small things catch us off guard in everything we do. Try a few things out, google it and if you still cant get it, come back with what you have tried and I'm sure someone will help you out.

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    Hi Eidar,
    This link should help you install your Netgear WG311 card.

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