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Thread: Upgrade a HD install?

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    Default Upgrade a HD install?

    Is there a way to upgrade BT1 which is installed to ext2 partition for almost a year and configured just the way I want it...

    On the same HDD there are also Windows XP SP2 installed, in dual boot configuration.

    Is there a way to upgrade BT1 to BT2 without loosing my configs or/and dual-boot functionality?

    Any links... welcome...


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    you can easily upgrade to BT2 without touching XP, and re-instating the LILO option when your done to allow dual boot as you have now.

    You could try copying the final BT2 over the existing beta files on your system, but this may overwrite some of the configs... or you could try copying across individual bits (such as just the /pentest directory).

    I don't think there is a formal upgrade process that I have seen. I plan to upgrade mine on Monday... I can let you know how I get on if you want!


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