I just got a Asus 1000HE 2 weeks ago. It has the Ralink RT2790. I've been reading and watching videos about Backtrack 4 and really want to learn. I have Ubuntu 10.04 NBR on my netbook and installed the Backtrack tools. I just need some help getting started. I haven't been able to find out if my card will work for injection or not. Alot of the searches i do come back with results that are a year or two old. I leaning towards just getting a new card(unless there is a definite way that my card will work for all things Backtrack) I would like to replace the internal card so I don't have to have a external device to worry about. Is there a card that is native with Backtrack that will fit in my netbook? Right now when I run airmon-ng it says chipset unknown and driver rt2860. When I start monitor mode it says it's enabled but it doesn't give me a interface like mon0 or something, so I just use wlan0 and it kinda works. When I do aireplay fragment i get "no answer repeating..." and when i do aireplay fakeauth it just keeps sending request and then ends unsuccessful. Just so everyone knows i'm obviously new to backtrack and pretty new to linux in general so if there is a driver that you suggest i'll need to know how to install it.