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Thread: Dual Boot to Ubuntu

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    Default Dual Boot to Ubuntu

    I have downloaded bt4.iso to a DVD+R and used md5sum to confirm it was not corrupt. My goal is to keep Ubuntu 10.04 as my main OS and use bt4 to assist me on some projects. I have read the tutorials and how to's on this site and others but two things concern me that I hope someone will take a few minutes to help me with. My concern is two fold:

    1) the only dual-boot scenario I have found is with Windows OS not Linux( I'm missing it somewhere certainly) and if the install procedure is the same for both OS's I will go ahead with it.
    2) I would like bt4 to work in concert with Ubuntu and not overwrite or partition HD space so I lose or crash Ubuntu.
    I guess there are no guarantees but if you could nudge me in the right direction I'd be grateful.

    Backed up data and installed bt4 successfully-Thanks Archangel
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    Default Re: Dual Boot to Ubuntu

    Make a backup of important data you may have, partition your drive/s and begin installing BT to the partition/s and then add the relevant info to grub.
    I mean that's really about all there is to it.

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