Hey. I'm kinda new to Backtrack 4. Ive tried using VMWare to install it but I've decided to install into my other desktop that I don't use. I downloaded the Backtrack 4 Final ISO. I used Unetbootin to make a bootable usb with Backtrack 4. I want to install it to my desktop. From the boot menu I select default and then after that I type startx. It boots up from the usb and I open up the Konsole and type ./install.sh
The install menu comes up I hit next up until step 4, then I click next and it goes straight to step 7 to install. I want to be able to type in my username, computer name, etc. Why does it skip steps 5 and 6? I dont want "root" to be my default username, neither as my computer name. I know this a dumb question but haven't found an answer. What am I doing wrong, or can I set my username, info, and pc name some other way?
Thanks Ripp