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Thread: Problem with persistent live usb

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    Default Problem with persistent live usb

    Hi,to all the EXPERTS
    I have a usb wifi Asus 167G v2...device.
    Interface Chipset Driver
    rausb0 Ralink 2573 USB rt73

    I successfully created the persistent usb using the tutorial Backtrack 4 USB Install - Offensive Security
    Successfully installed the driver rt73 after moving rt73.ko.It scanned for the APs.

    Now i wanted to test whether the changes have made are permanent or not i reeboted the i see that the files created by me and by the rt73 installation are there but when i type "iwconfig" i dont see "rausb0" interface Why does it happened.
    Further to test the cracking i ran the cd and tried to crack my own wifi. Distance from usb wifi was about 1 feet.
    Details: (after running it for more than 45 minutes)
    PWR RXQ Beacons #Data, #/s CH MB ENC

    86 22 2766 0 0 11 54 WEP
    Notice the data is still 0 after so long time
    Also didnt get ARP instead got ths msg
    You should also start airodump-ng to capture replies.
    read failed: Network is down requests and 0 ACKs), sent 0 packets...(0 pps)
    wi_read(): Illegal seek

    So two questions from rt73
    1. What happened to persistent changes? Do i need to install the driver every time i plug in the USB?
    2. Why the data is 0 and i didnt get arp?
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