I recently purchased an AWUS036H USB WNIC that was advertised as 1000mW. The shipping documentation says 500mW, the box is unreliable because it advertises A/B/G/N when the card obviously doesn't support N ... and when I asked the company, they insist the shipping documentation is wrong that it really is a 1000mW NIC. How can I be sure?

I've googled the FCC ID from the underside of the NIC, UQ2AWUS036H and I see other people discussing their 500mW NICs, so I'm leaning toward the idea that this company is shafting me ... but I can't be sure that they didn't use the same FCC ID for the higher-power 1000mW NICs.

I'm curious what FCC IDs those of you with known 1000mW cards are seeing. Anyone with the 1000mW card care to share their FCC IDs?