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Thread: backtrack turned into ubuntu?

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    Default backtrack turned into ubuntu?

    so I booted up my box which I installed bt4 on recently ran 'startx' and the gui looks like ubuntu I have all my files for some reason but the task bar is at the top instead of on the bottom it looks like ubuntu in every aspect and the nifty buttons I put in the task bar to start an ssh server and my networking are gone but the files they lead to are still there and the only thing I did last time I was onwas install the 'gnome volume manager'.
    apt-get install gnome-volume-manager
    normally this wouldn't be a problem except the backtrack menu option where it gives you the shortcuts to all the tools is gone and that's a bit of an inconvenience.

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    Default Re: backtrack turned into ubuntu?

    First the Back Track Fixes section is not so we will fix your problem for you. So post in the correct section per the readme's.

    Now, two things come to mind you can do. One unistall this application. Reset everything back or two, make a backup and reinstall BT.
    I would go with 2.

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    Default Re: backtrack turned into ubuntu?

    really most ppl that are not using bt4 for business purposes really don't have anything to lose by reinstalling it. Especially those who do it via a live cd, just click on the and when your done raid the repos for all the updates....been there before
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    Default Re: backtrack turned into ubuntu?

    sorry 'bout that I'll use the right section from now on and thanks for the advice! had to reinstall backtrack

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