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Thread: Ettercap ecp file to pcap format?

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    Default Ettercap ecp file to pcap format?

    I have a set of ettercap captures called test.ecp and test.eci. I can use etterlog to export to text or hex or whatever. I don't see an option to convert to pcap format so it can be read with wireshark.

    I would like to know if there is a tool to convert this?

    Alternatively, is there a tool / filter to pull SMB hashes from these files? Decoding the hex by hand is incredibly irritating. I must be doing it wrong.

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    Default Re: Ettercap ecp file to pcap format?

    Manual Page - ettercap(8)

    -w, --write <FILE>
    WRITE packet to a pcap file
    This is useful if you have to use "active" sniffing (arp poison) on a switched LAN but you want to analyze the packets with tcpdump or ethereal. You can use this option to dump the packets to a file and then load it into your favourite application.
    i know, i know. it says tcpdump or ethereal. however (as i'm sure you already know) wireshark will import a tcpdump .lpc all day long.

    good luck with that.

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    Default Re: Ettercap ecp file to pcap format?

    I appreciate that, but I'm looking to translate captures exported with the -L option. It was a brain fart, and can't be recaptured.
    Guess I'm going to have to roll my own...

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