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Thread: BT4 Snort Setup Guide?

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    Default BT4 Snort Setup Guide?

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get started with IDS, and am trying to use BT4's autosetup for Snort. All the posts I've come across on this forum, and even in the header when I click the "Setup Snort" icon, have said something to the effect of "Read Instructions Carefully."

    I'd love to do this, but I can't find the Snort Setup instructions anywhere (certainly not on, the site listed at the top of the Snort Setup Banner). Does anybody know where they are?

    [I've read the Snort manual, and a couple of the install guides from Snort, but I'd like to get a working setup as quick as possible. Somebody went to the trouble to write the setup script, and I'd like to use it!]


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    Default Re: BT4 Snort Setup Guide?

    If you're having trouble installing snort, you're going to be in REAL trouble when you want to start using it. Just use the official instructions from sourcefire, they work fine on BackTrack, and then you'll have the manual handy for when you need to refer to it to actually configure and use snort (and you WILL need the manual for this, believe me).
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