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Thread: PADS sees gateway only

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    Default PADS sees gateway only

    backtrack 4; have installed PADS via apt repos and am attempting scan of switched network.
    PADS is only catching the gateway, no other traffic.

    # pads -i eth0 -n x.x.x.x/24 -w /path/to/file.csv
    I have gone so far as to attempt on two separate VLANs within the test lab and have even placed the interface into promiscuous mode but can't seem to pick anything else up. In each instance, I have verified considerable traffic from >75 systems.

    the PADS sourceforge forum ( Passive Asset Detection System: Forums) has precious little in the way of substance, google was no help whatsoever ( and I can't get any hits from a forum search here either (, I'll bite the bullet and ask;
    what the heck am i missing here?

    thanks in advance...
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