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Thread: Updateing Aircrack-ng on BT2

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    Default Updateing Aircrack-ng on BT2

    HI Every one

    I need to know how to make an updated BT2 cd

    only thing i want to update is Aircrack-ng to 1.0-dev r830 And madwifi drivers

    how do i make the new iso with just those two updates to the bt2 final cd?

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    You search the forums for the 100 or more posts that cover updating aircrack then you search the forums for the all the posts on updating the madwifi drivers then you search the forum for the dozens of posts that cover remastering the cd.

    Alternatively you could look on the wiki for the pages that cover how to do those things.

    The answers to all of those questions have been covered many many times.

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