Firstly, I have a bt4-final iso, which I do not know when I downloaded but the
was still pointing to
deb pwnsauce main microverse macroverse restricted universe multiverse
which does not work.
It doesn't give an error but the package lists appear to be outdated.

I will download the current ISO and check if the sources are correct.

Secondly, I saw that many tools were updated in the last update, like metasploit.
Apparently the update breaks the
svn update
command with the error:
svn: Failed to add file 'scripts/meterpreter/enum_powershell_env.rb': an unversioned file of the same name already exists
I think the best choice is not to update metasploit through repositories, let the user do that.

I tried testing the svn for exploitdb, but it complains that Exploits Database by Offensive Security is unreacheable. Possibly a local problem.

Also, in the guide
HTML Code:
The step
apt-get install madwifi-drivers broadcom-sta r8187-drivers linux-source-2.6.34
is not needed, since
apt-get dist-upgrade
already installs these packages...

It would perhaps be easier if the kernel update package performed all the later actions of moving sources and compiling.

Very nice updates! Keep up the work!
Will there be and ISO update? Since this could be considered and major update.