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Thread: BT4 - Alfa AWUS036H not detected at all ...

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    Unhappy BT4 - Alfa AWUS036H not detected at all ...

    Dear all,

    I'm a bit familiar with Linux, and I've already used BT3 successfully in the past.

    I have now a small netbook (Fujitsu P1630) and, facing very low WiFi range of the embedded card (Atheros XSpan), I purchased an Alfa AWUS036H. I'm fairly happy with the range increase under Windows 7, but, unfortunately, the card is absolutely not detected under BT3 nor BT4: iwconfig still shows the embedded Atheros (wlan0), but no Alfa at all.

    I've read issues about updating the driver but i) my BT3 version is already not even talking about my BT4 and ii) I think not showing under iwconfig is probably a problem a step before.

    I could post further details on request.

    Anyone could help?

    Thanks in advance,

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