Works fine after some fixes and workarounds. Not perfect.

In order to use the Geforce G210M card in the machine you have to go into the bios and change the SATA compatibility mode to "enhanced". Else it'll only find the Intel card.

In order to get the wireless to work (Intel Wifi Link 1000) you need to download compat-wireless and add support for the driver. The driver can be obtained from Intels own website.

Injection will work. Fake auth will not work. However, there's a workaround. You can associate with wpa_supplicant.

The above solutions except the topmost one can be found on this forum. Just use the search function.

I went with the UL30VT instead of UL30A because I wanted non-choppy 720p HD playback and the latter uses a Atheros wifi card with only one antenna. Thus it has been reported that it's range is far from impressive. The UL30VT uses 2 antennas and the range is good.