Hi to all the experts...
This is my first post in backtrack forums.
First of all i want to thank all you guys for providing excellent tutorials.
So to gain some extra knowledge i bought an ASUS 167-G V2. (i did a lot of forums reading for that)
Successfully installed the drivers aftr a lot of trials.
Now at the final step for cracking the passwrd unfortunately i didnt get keys at 10000 IVs.
Now the problem arises--
Suddenly It seems the arps got stucked at 10190 and similarly the data also seems like stucked at 11226. After waiting for a lot of time 15-20 min i saw that the data moved only up 20-30 ivs in 20 minutes, so is the case with arp's. Now I have been waiting for 90 minutes and still it seems like mot going up.
What should be done in that case.
The PWR is almost 100.