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Thread: problem while installing

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    Default problem while installing

    hello everyone,

    i just downloaded the BT4 and burn it on a dvd , while trying to install it i got this problem
    when i type "startx" i get this error : "Could not start KDEinit. Check your installation" .. Click Okay
    i tried to google , but couldnt find any solution

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    Default Re: problem while installing

    since you haven't successfully logged in before, it sounds like your download didn't go so well (or, possibly the cd burn).

    I would check the md5 of the download. if it doesn't match, re-download the image. if it does (and, even if it doesn't i suppose ) re-burn to disc using the slowest speeds possible and perhaps with some sort of media check enabled to ensure that all is well. then try again.

    good luck with that.

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