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    Hi all, I am creating a huge password file saturday when I started it. The files had eaten through my 1TB Hd I have now started creating the files again this time compressing them as they are created. So a 1gig password file shrinks down to 180meg.

    My Question If i generate 1 rainbow table per file will this give me the same result as having all the passwords in one huge file???

    What I am doing is creating a rainbowtable if that doesnt find my key I will generate another rainbow table for that second file and so on and so on.
    This is to try and save space.

    What I do not want to do if find that once i have generated each table that it works better if they are combined.

    Any Help would be much appreciated.

    Dave the Raver

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    Default Re: REF Rainbow tables

    Of course it will give you the same result, the only think is how to merge those tables (or if there is even the need of merging them) - that mainly depends on a tool u are using or on a script you wrote for this purpose (so just another tool). if u look into for instance Ophack, or even win32 cain&abel, you will see, that even these tools are using separated files or even whole tables. There is no reason that one huge file should have different results that a bunch of files. So the only thing could be the performance and that is mostly limited by tool used.

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