hey was just wondering if anyone could help im running a Dell XPS 420 with a Nvidia 9800 GT with BT4

ive been attempting to get CUDA support for a while but i keep hitting walls everywhere i go... so far ive been using the guide provided by pureh@te (which is very good by the way) i issue the following commands in terminal without KDE running

apt-get update
apt-get install nvidia-driver
apt-get install pyrit cpyrit-cuda

pyrit list_cores

while all the updates and package downloads work fine (KDE also runs without errors and the xorg.conf recognises the Nvidia card) pyrit on the other hand will only list the CPU cores and not the GPU...

i also read on one of the posts that "aptitude install backtrack-nvidia" is supposed so solve the problem...however it reported that the package was broken

any advice would be great