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Thread: How do I set the DNS without typing them everytime i boot up?

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    Default How do I set the DNS without typing them everytime i boot up?

    Hello guys,

    I tried to open a thread in the newbie section but it's closed...

    I'll be quick, two questions:

    1) I've used the "set the IP address" thing to set IP, Gateway, etc etc.. and the internet works fine.
    I just can't understand why everytime I reboot the laptop I need to put again just the DNS (the IPs don't change, they're correct).

    2) I'm trying to use wifi with backtrack. I set the WEP key and works good but I would like to use WPA TKIP ... is there any way I can use backtrack with WPA TKIP ?

    Thank you so much, folks! You rroock!

    ps: I've got the BT Final

    Thx thx thx

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    For WPA: you need to use wpa_supplicant, as the whole connection is managed with it. You will need to edit /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf to add your info and then launch wpa_supplicant to try the connection. Search the forums as there are several how tos about this matter.

    For the IP address: if you want it the easy way, use the wireless assistant, which will store WEP keys, IP, DNS and gateway for every network you connect and setup. If, as it seems, you need WPA, you'll have to go for the proper way: search for info about /etc/, there are also how tos in the forums.

    Suggestion: use google and try to help yourself before asking for it, as it is clear you haven't done that this time. Googling "how to wpa backtrack" gives a perfect tutorial as first link.

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