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Thread: aireplay-ng --fragment

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    Default aireplay-ng --fragment

    first post here, so excuse any mistakes...

    i've been playing with wep in my home lab for a week or so, <3 BT btw. runninf bt 2 final, hostap, with a senao 2511 without the external plugs.

    i've been able to break my routers wep at both 128 and 64 with or without clients. the only aireplay method i can't seem to get to work is --fragment.
    it just keeps saying no response before it finally stops trying.

    the router is a pos i picked up, easiest thing to crack so far imo. i'll need to upgrade once i get this down more.

    also i had to make a bash script to unload the orinoco and hermes modules then load the hostap_cs modules. anyway to change this so hostap_cs automatically gets loaded at boot?
    (couldn't find anything in the rc's or configs i browsed through)

    ty in advance...

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    found an answer to autoloading hostap_cs instead of the orinoco and hermes.
    but i edited a few other things to so if someone could test to verify.
    (hd install)

    $ nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
    goto the wifi part and add
    blacklist orinoco_cs
    blacklist orinoco
    blacklist hermes

    and edit the line with hostap_cs from:
    blacklist hostap_cs
    # blacklist hostap_cs

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