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Thread: Asus WL-167G+hardware compatibility list

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    Default Asus WL-167G+hardware compatibility list

    I tried to find any compatible stick to work with backtrack. First i used Sweex then Linksys WUSB 600N
    but no result there . Then finally the search was over my ASUS WL-167G was plugged in and ready to go and that only for 15€
    I found a list a any compatible network adapter for backtrack 3 but my ASUS WL-167G work with bt4.
    to bad the links of remote-exploit are down.

    Tested Card List
    Asus WL-138g v2

    * Driver : bcm43xx
    * Chipset : Broadcom
    * External Antenna: Reverse connector (RP-SMA) with a detachable antenna

    Works out of the box.

    Belkin F5D8001

    * Works out of the box.

    CNet CWP-854

    * Driver : rt2500
    * Chipset : Ralink 2500
    * External Connectors: RP-SMA
    * Works out of the box.

    Dlink DWA-520

    * Driver : Madwifi-ng
    * Chipset : Atheros
    * External Connectors : RP-SMA
    * Works out of the box in BT3 Final. Injection is perfect.
    * Product link : American Society of Primatologists: Home Page

    Dlink DWA-552

    * Driver : Madwifi-ng
    * Chipset : Atheros AR5212 a/b/g/n
    * For Kismet, edit your kismet.conf file (/usr/local/etc/kismet.conf) to “source=madwifi_g,wifi0,Atheros”
    * Notice: To set up your MAC (optional) and switch into Monitor Mode type:

    airmon-ng stop ath0

    macchanger -a wifi0

    iwconfig ath0 mode Monitor

    Dlink DWL-AG530

    * Works out of the box.

    Dlink DWL-G520

    * Chipset : Atheros
    * External Antenna: RP-SMA
    * Works out of the box.

    Dlink DWL-G550

    * Chipset : Atheros AR5212 (within AR5002X)
    * External Antenna: Yes, omni-directional dipole antenna with 5dBi
    * Works great out of the box.

    D-Link High-Powered Wireless 108G Desktop Adapter

    Dlink DWL-G510

    * Chipset : Atheros AR5212a/b/g; Ralink RT73
    * Driver : madwifi-ng; rt73
    * External Antenna: REV-SMA

    Read here
    Dynex DX-EBDTC

    * Chipset : Broadcom
    * Works right of of box. Injection and monitor mode IS supported.

    Foxconn WLL-3350

    * Driver: rt2500

    MSI PC60G

    * Driver : RT61
    * Chipset : Ralink
    * Works out of the box. Injection and such (wireless tools) not functional

    Netgear WG311T

    * Driver : Madwifi-ng
    * Chipset : Atheros
    * External Antenna: RP-SMA Connector

    Works perfectly out of the box. Injection works as Well.
    Netgear WPN311

    * Driver : Madwifi-ng
    * Chipset : Atheros
    * External Antenna: RP-SMA Connector

    Works great out of the box including injection.


    * Chipset : Atheros
    * Antenna Type : External SMA (detachable)
    * Operating Range :

    • Outdoors up to 1.312ft / 400m
    • Indoors up to 328ft / 100m

    Works great out of the box including injection
    *WTF Have You Done Lately?!*
    Have been offline for a while in backtrack but i'll be back soon.

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    Default Re: Asus WL-167G+hardware compatibility list

    I'm sorry is there a question in here somewhere?
    As for remote-exploit we are Back Track and anything that would have been found on our older forums can be found here. You only need to scroll down a bit on the main forum page and you will see a series of locked forums that are the archives.
    As for which card is compatible there is a faq entry in the forum faq section you should read in regards.

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