Hi all, quick and hopefully obvious question. I am in an apartment, and around the same time I started playing with backtrack, my landlords commented on how the internet seemed to be slowing down.

I will clarify now, I am not, have not, nor will I be doing anything with their network.

But to resume, I set up my WRT-600N with DD-WRT to broadcast a few different SSIDs (up on channel 14, landlords use 6) for me to "break into" and experiment with different security settings and impacts. However, I am in range of their network (about 25 feet away) and trying to be conscious, I'll ask the experts. Could my hacking into my own network (completely separate lines, from the pole to my apartment to my modem, they have their own run from the pole to their modem as well) be causing any flooding of the airwaves so to speak? Could I be slowing down their network? It shows up when I do scans (to find my own network) but that is all completely passive.

I just want to make sure it *isn't* me causing any interference, I'm just doing this for fun and I'd hate to piss off the landlords, they're pretty good friends too

As a point of reference, I have Comcast commercial class, they have Comcast residential, and I set up both networks when I moved in.