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Thread: How to switch between gfx and txt mode?

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    Default How to switch between gfx and txt mode?

    once i enter 'startx' i try <ctrl+alt> + <F1-F9> to switch to txt mode console but nothing happens. When i press <ctrl+alt> + <backspace> it gets me there but i think X(?) gets closed. That's not intended.

    Is it possible to switch to that console without closing X?

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    Default Re: How to switch between gfx and txt mode?

    CTL+ALT+BKSP does indeed kill the x server. you would lose all open programs and have to re-enter 'startx' to go back to a GUI.

    CTL+ALT+F1 (through F6) should take you to another (text-based) console while leaving the x server running (CTL+ALT+F7 to get back to it).

    As to why that isn't the case...

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