I was able to figure this crap out last year when i was screwing with this. My issues last time came down to ndiwrapper.
Any event.
I've got a dell studio i'm working with now. Win7 with Wmware workstation and BT4.
I can gain interent access through the bridged onboard adapter.
My issue is getting the alfa awus036H up and going which is a USB attached adapter.

I was able to attach the Realtek through the USB icon to the virtual host. Though BT4 identifeis it in the lower corner there are no lights on the adapter working.
When i run Wcid only the bridged adapter shows up and doesn't reconize the wireless network.

When i run iwconfig I can see the wlan0 adapter.

But when I run iwconfig -a it identifies nothing there.

So I can see the attached USB in the lower corner and it blinks but the adapter is doing nothing. No green light on the adapter.
So What am I missing here?