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Thread: View linux files on windows

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    Default View linux files on windows

    Sorry if this is repeated post i tried googling it but i really couldn't get anything to work.

    I have a laptop with windows 7 x64 bit and BT4 what i want is windows 7 machine to see the BT4 files.

    I know how to mount the win7 drive to BT4 and see those files but i want to do it the other way.

    I tried some tools but they did work: I tried DiskInternals Linux Reader but didn't find anything.

    Idk maybe its the 64 bit

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    Default Re: View linux files on windows

    This is not a Back Track issue. This is a basic windows or maybe linux issue. I would suggest you look into google.
    Depending on what the file type is will determine the type of program you will need in order to view said file.
    Text editors will generally work for most types, however it may change the formatting of it.

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