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Thread: ALFA or Generic???

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    Question ALFA or Generic???

    Hello everyone,

    I have been reading a lot about the ALFA AWUS036H and have found some other adapters that look the same and/or use the same chipset (RTL8187L). Some of these adapters even come with a copy of BackTrack. Are these other adapters just as good? Are they going to be just as compatible with BT4 as the ALFA (i.e. able to inject out of the box)?

    Here is a couple of ebay links of the other adapters:

    No name brand (looks like the ALFA)

    Wifly-City 54M


    WIFI-Link Clipper

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    Default Re: ALFA or Generic???

    A couple of people seemed pretty happy with this RTL8187L based device in this thread just posted:

    Id presume others based on the same chipset are likely to be compatible driver-wise, whether they pick up/send a comparitively strong signal may be another matter. Does anyone have any of the rest of these style devices and want to comment?
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