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Thread: HowTo: Install BT4 Dual Boot using VMware Workstation

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    Default Guide: Install BT4 Dual Boot using VMware Workstation

    NOTE: Since VMware Workstation is not a cheap software, I did some researching and recreated this tutorial with VirtualBox, which is free (but slower, in my experience). You can follow that tutorial here:

    This tutorial is great for those of us who have an old laptop that can't boot from a DVD/USB, or just for those who would like to be able to watch a movie, listen to some music, etc... while installing BT4 to the hard drive.

    This was not my idea, I followed what bender01101 shared in his post. I just wanted to make this "official".

    HowTo: Install BT4 Dual Boot using VMware Workstation

    Step 1: Resize Windows partition

    In order to follow this tutorial, I advise to resize the windows partition first, freeing some space for your BackTrack installation.

    I've used a freeware named EASEUS Partition Master - Home Edition, you can use another program if you like or, in case you have windows Vista/7, the disk manager included with this versions.

    Step 2: Create the Virtual Machine

    Open VMWare Workstation and create a new virtual machine (File>New...>Virtual Machine...)
    Select "Custom (advanced)" and then hit "Next >" twice.
    Select "Installer disc image file (iso):" and browse for the bt4-final iso. Hit "Next >".
    Select Linux then choose Ubuntu from the dropdown menu. Hit "Next >" twice.
    Choose processors as you like/need > "Next >"
    Choose amount of RAM as you like > "Next >" (x3)
    Select the option "Use a physical disk", so that VMware can access and install BT4 to the disk.
    Click "Next >", select "PhysicalDrive0" and "Use entire disk". Click "Next >" twice, then finish.

    Step 3: Power on your virtual machine

    ATTENTION!!! Right after you power on the machine, you have to click on the VMWare window until the guest captures the mouse and then click "esc" quickly, so that you can select where to boot from. Otherwise it will try to boot windows, which is already our host. Select to boot from the CD/DVD and press enter.

    Step 4: Install BackTrack

    Start BT4 and install. When you reach the page where the installer asks how do you want to partition the disk, select "Manual". Select the free space and create a new partition.
    We will first create the swap partition, so enter the desired size for the partition and change the filesystem to swap. Then create your BT4 partition, enter the desired partition size, leave the filesystem as Ext3 and select "/" as mount point.

    BT4 is ready to install now. You can now surf the web, listen to some music, watch videos,... while you wait for the installation to finish. Once it's done, close VMWare and reboot your computer. Grub will appear, hopefully, and you can boot into BackTrack 4 and Windows.
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