i have a theory of creating a word-list for wpa cracking. this is it.... could i program a word list using the C Programing Language to generate billions of words that would be 8 letters - 12 letters long and than export the word list to the acceptable format like .txt or something like that? i know it it is doable it has to be.

soo if i am going to work on this theory of my i would need to know more about wat WPA dictionaries are and what exactly are they(are they just a text file that get accessed by aircrack and goes though every word and match the bits with the actual wpa phase until it find the right one?)..

im very interested about remote-exploiting i just finished exploiting my friends WEP Key.
diffent question.. it took me 3 hours to get 15,000 IVs for the WEP key. did it take this long cause my VM HDD is only 6gb and CPU is only 1.7ghz dual core(vm used 1 core) with 1gb ram(vm used 512mb). or does it have to do with my Wifi adapter.. cause on one of the vids i watch it took the guy 4 minutes to get 30,000 IVs. any sultions to my problem?