Hi everyone,

here is the setup.
I am working at a factory with about 150APs.
My job is to test the security since we will implement a new WiFi system.
I am located right underneath and AP which I have it's MAC address (BSSID) and its (ESSID) which its broadcasting.

The AP broadcasts a WEP password protected ESSID on channel 11 and the key is 128bit encrypted.

The amount of traffic on this specific AP is very little, therefore I believe I will need to injected packets in order to gather some unique IVs.

I have followed ALOT of videos online and tried everything, i even tried to crack it with 105,000 IVs and nothing would give.

I am using Backtrack 4 and an Hawking HU-G1 (RT73) Usb chipset.

Can someone guide me in the right direction, i really tried it all, and read the forums and read tutorials.