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Thread: Noob metasploit doubt

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    Smile Noob metasploit doubt

    I was checking the metasploit tools and with ./module_ports.rb (which lists the exploits by the port they use) I get 156 exploits, and with ./module_targets.rb (which lists the target for each exploit) I get 1280 exploits, does this mean that only 156 exploits use ports to "exploit"? What are the other 1124 for, all for local use?

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    If you're brand new to metasploit and/or ruby programming, I'd stick with the msfconsole. The help inside metasploit is pretty good (use ? or help to get it). Commands "search", "show", and "info" will give you lots of detail on all the goodies metasploit has to offer.

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