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Thread: Acer 1825PTZ Tablet + Wifi Intel Link 1000 + BT 4 ¿?

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    Default Acer 1825PTZ Tablet + Wifi Intel Link 1000 + BT 4 ¿?

    Hiya my friends, i've read many posts about making work an Intel Wifi Link 1000 wifi adapter that comes in my new Aspire Timetable 1825PTZ Tablet

    I boot BT4 from a SD Card, and i get it running ok. I get an wlan0 adapter at boot in managed mode. But when i run airmon-ng start wlan0 i get this error:

    "wlan0 Intel 4965/5xxx iwlagn - [phy0]SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory"

    /etc/initd./networking start gets me this:

    "SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory"

    Then I'v downloaded from latest link 1000 driver: "iwlwifi-1000-ucode-" that contains iwlwifi-1000-ucode-3.code file. I put this file into /lib/firmware.

    Then i get the compat-wireless latest package from compat-wireless-2.6.34.tar.bz2

    And i follow the instructions: make, make install, make unload, make load (all as root) and then "/etc/init.d/networking start" but i'm still getting "SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory"

    So n1 here could help me running this wifi adapter in backtrack 4 in order to use aircrack-ng?

    Thnx in advance... Regards!

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    Default Re: Acer 1825PTZ Tablet + Wifi Intel Link 1000 + BT 4 ¿?

    I don't know why but the latest compat-wireless doesn't work. Try this one and it shall grant you success:

    That's the one that worked for me (UL30VT and Intel Wifi Link 1000). When it's working you will find that fake auth attack with aircrack-ng doesn't work. I don't know why. You have to use wpa_supplicant to associate. Everything else works.

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